Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I went to a naturally centered mom/baby expo put on by Healthy Baby Happy Earth this past Saturday and it was great! Everything from the workshops to the exhibitors was beautifully done.  Come to find out, this was their very first expo! The event was held at Glendale Civic Center and I don't think they could have chosen a better location.  Tons of great sponsors, lots of fun freebies and amazing giveaways! The workshops that were offered included breastfeeding, midwifery education, cloth diapering, yoga, infant massage, so much wonderful information! Exhibitors included doulas, midwives, ob/gyns, belly casters, authors, belly casters, photograhers, cloth diaper services, inventors, Medela breastfeeding products, and the Bump.  This was not one of those expos where you feel overwhelmed, cramped or pressured into visiting every booth.  The vibe was so light and the atmosphere was so positive that I honestly could have stayed all day!
      I saw mamas nursing their babies without hesitation (as it should be), mamas wearing their babies and everyone genuinely enjoying themselves.  I only wish that some of my friends were there- not necessarily because of the freebies, but to learn about all of their options when it comes to birth and feeding their babies.  This expo was the perfect platform for learning and not judging. (ok, off my soapbox now!)
This is all the stuff I got! Yes, that's a box of cereal! ;)
All I can say is that I am already looking forward to next year's Happy Baby Healthy Earth Expo!


Midwife in Training said...

wish i didnt miss it

Abby C. said...

girl you had good reason! we'll hit it up together next year for sure! ;)

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