Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Extreme Couponing.

Lovelies, I enjoy a good deal.  The least amount of money for the best deal out there always makes me happy! I love that my grocery store upgrades all coupons to $1 and stacks coupons from the specific store and the manufacturer, and I recently graduated my coupons to a binder.  Yes.  Even I was surprised about that.  The thing is that I needed more space and slots for my savings!  It has paid off handsomely!  I have saved an average of 50-60% on my grocery bills so far, which I thought was pretty good!! Until I watched 'Extreme Couponing' on TLC.  OMgoodness.  Are these people geniuses or insane? Are they stockpiling or hoarding? All I know is that I want to be able to save 98% on my grocery outings!  One thing I did notice while watching the show was that these people buy things that they don't really need- who needs 100s of boxes of pasta or 300 sticks of deoderant? Granted, one extreme couponer was making care packages for soldiers but he was the only one who seemed to be sharing the wealth.  Also, these people appeared to be extreeeeeemely stressed out when clipping coupons and when they went through the checkout line.  One lady was actually turning red and sweating!
To me, couponing should be enjoyable.  I don't clip coupons for items that I do not typically use or need.  Many of the Extreme Couponers clipped everything!!! Stuff has expiration dates and you cannot tell me that a family is going to get through a garage full of grocery items before something goes bad (don't let me start about the preservatives that maintain these products for however long!! Post for another time).  I suppose it can be done if it's a large family but really, what is a couple with no children going to do with an ever-growing stockpile of shampoo/pasta/butterfinger chocolate bars? It kind of boggles my mind, lovelies. These extreme couponers are spending 20 and more hours per week, searching, clipping and making their lists.  A few of them go to stores more than twice a week.  I couldn't do it.  Like I said, I love a great deal but I love my sanity and peace of mind more.  Just my humble opinion!
Can I tell you what I scored for free today using coupons? 5 bags of Graham Goldfish, 1 container of Mentos gum, two tubes of toothpaste, a bottle of Metromint water and a 4.4lb bag of brand name dog food.  Not too shabby right? ;)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Speaking of time....

Can you believe that S2 is nearing the end of her first year of school? Yes, lovelies. Kindergarten is almost done. I have only one hangup. Graduation.  Is it graduation when it's something you're supposed to do?  Are we so quick to please everyone that we apply what was once reserved for high school seniors to every grade? Is it just my 'old school Canadian education' talking? I don't remember graduating from anything but high school.  In junior high, we had a 'congratulations for moving on but don't call it graduation' ceremony, but that was about it!
Annnnyway.  Just my thought....
I digress. Doesn't she look adorable? ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time ain't on my side......

Lovelies, it was a busy weekend. It's tough for us to recover from busy weekends, especially when it involves laundry or dishes.  Right now, I am staring at an enormous pile of (clean) laundry that needs to be ironed.  I don't mind ironing, but wherrrrrrrrrrrrre is the time?? Who wants to iron after a full day of work?  Hubby does an amazing job of keeping laundry and dishes under control but I feel like I need to be more involved with it.  I need to be more involved with laundry and excercise.  Laundry, excercise and more reading to my children.  Ah, time.  I need to be more organized with it in such a way that I can get things done and get to bed at a decent hour.  How do you maintain this lovelies?  Is it easier said than done for you? I have a day planner that I love, but I barely make it through my daily 'to do' lists.  Tell me how you do it, oh wise ones!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lovelies, I breastfeed.  I like the singer, Pink.  So imagine my delight when I came across this on Facebook! So cute.  It'll stick to your brain!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm not sure if I told you.....

that my husband is a chef.  Yes lovelies, I am married to a professional chef.  A professional, skinny chef.  When we met, I could fit into his jeans.  Let's just say that no thanks to him, I can barely fit my own jeans (but this will change in the next few months, by any means necessary!)
AAAAAAnyway, we started a catering and personal chef business called Fire and Spice Caribbean Grill and Catering Company. This weekend was Fire and Spice's debut, at the Tolleson Founder's Day Festival.  We have a cool banner and everything! Hubby is on the grill as I type- jerk chicken, ribs, coconut rice, plantains and rolls are on the menu.  Yum.  The festival is three days long, so hubs is going to be super tired by the time it's over, but I know he lives to be on the grill.  He has been running on adrenaline all day! Don't tell him that I ordered pizza for the kids and I for dinner tonight. LOL.  (no, really).
Pics to come!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Whennnnnnnnnnnnnn did plane tickets get so expensive? I was checking flights today for a trip I am trying to take in December and OMGoodness! It has been a few years since I flew the last time and I know gas prices went up, but it cost me less to go to another country back then than it will to get to where I need to go! Jeez! Am I that out of touch? Give me a minute to get through the sticker shock.  I might have to see about getting some air miles from my parents! ;)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Party on Bloggers. Party on.

Lovelies, I love a great online party.  Especially when there are wonderful people to meet and prizes to be won.  This year is no exception when it comes to the Ultimate Blog Party 2011.  I love to go through the linkies to see what fellow bloggers are up to! I honestly have met some great people via the internet and the Ultimate Blog Party is a great way for anyone to connect with others and make new connections! I still feel like a small fish in a massive blog pond, but Blog Parties make life in the blogging world that much better.
  A bit about me- daughter, wife, mom, breast feeding, natural curl having, thinking about naturopathing, licensed social working woman.  I am surrounded by love at all times and I smile when I think about it.  Four of my loves! (my husband doesn't like to take pictures but there are a couple of him buried somewhere in my posts!) ;)

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

So, come to the party!!! Check out what other mombloggers are doing, and have some fun at the same time!  Click on the link above, or the badge on the right. ;)

 Party on Lovelies!!
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