Friday, July 29, 2011

Woo! This week flew by fast lovelies.  S4 is teething and has been miserable despite the amber teething necklace. So, I have been fueled by coffee.  Coffee and Nutella.  Don't worry- I balanced it out with proteins and produce from the co-op.  Will be making a serious effort to go to bed early this coming week because school starts *gasp* the week after that. 
Back to the teething issue- S4 has been feverish, clingy, wimpery and of course she has not been sleeping well.  So I made an Allspice necklace.  Yes, Allspice.  Of course I looked up 'teething' on my favorite home remedy site, then did a bit or research.  I ended up with this blog, that has some background information on why Allspice works and even a tutorial on how to make the necklace! I'm not a jeweler by any means, so S4's necklace is made with dental floss because I couldn't get the elastic thread wouldn't fit through the eye of my needle. Yes. I used dental floss. So right now as I type, S4 has had the necklace on for about an hour and seems relatively back to normal.... I'll keep you posted and let you know when her first tooth comes in!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another birthday....

Lovelies, it's Friday on the East Coast and so I am doing this post right now (even though it's only around 10pm here on the West Coast).  S2 is 6 years old today- July 22 on the east coast. ;)  *sigh*  My first little girl is now my big girl who will always be my little girl.  Time has flown by so fast.  I can't believe how grown she is, how beautiful she is, how smart she is and how much she loves (almost!) everyone she encounters.  S2 is such a great big sister and a fun little sister, although I know S1 haaaaaates when she is in his room.  She is his first sibling and they share a special bond even though they are 8 years apart. 
So, here is to my sweet S2.  A child who is a wonderful daughter, an amazing sister, a well loved granddaughter, a friend, a comedienne, a teacher and a kid who looks nothing like me but is every bit of me.   I love you little girl!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


see the new link on the left? the one with the curly girl in the black dress? click on that link.  it will take you to a most lovely and beautiful store called Shabby Apple.  Classic, sleek designs and hello, why didn't I know about this store when I was pregnant with S4? Shabby Apple has maternity, women (non preggo- ha) and little girl designs that will make you swoon.  I am swooning now. lol.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello Saturday!

Every other Saturday is busy for us, lovelies.  We are the site managers for our neighborhood Bountiful Baskets.  We get awesome produce and have met some very cool people.  The only thing about it is that we (yes, the entire crew) are up uuuuber early in the morning.  So when we get back home before 8am, I usually use the rest of the day to get things done.
Kale Chips:  Kale rubbed with olive oil and season salt and baked for 8 minutes on each side. So yummy!!

DIY laundry detergent made with lavender castille soap (the Ivory soap was way too soft to grate. Dr. Bronner's castille was perfect) the ingredients on the table and grapefruit essential oil. Smells so good!! At an average of 3 cents per load, and safe for cloth diapers, who can argue? I'll let you know how it cleans!

I made dinner and S1 suggested lettuce wraps for the ground beef.  What an awesome kid.  The lettuce wraps and coconut rice were delicious.  Craving one right now, but I am spent.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh lovelies it has been a trying couple of weeks.  I am feeling mildly rejuvenated and am ready to tackle some cool projects this weekend.  I have a list of fun stuff to make from here. Plus I am on a mission to make this.  So I plan to make like Martha Stewart, the mad scientist aaaaaand involve the little Ss at the same time.  Think it can be done? As long as I have a sling, nothing will be able to stop me! Muahahahahaha!!!

What are your weekend projects, lovelies? Do you have a running list of things to get through? I try to tackle my running list, but cool projects usually trump it. ;)
Alright,  I promise that I will post pictures.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have been in a foul mood. So much so that even lame things are irritating me. I think it's due to general lack of sleep.  Seriously.  So today, I will say this- I hate when I post something on my Facebook wall and then someone comments on something that has nothing to do with my post! For the love of all that is holy, why don't you just post a brand new comment on my wall rather than under what I just posted??? For example, If I post something about coffee, whyyyy would you post a comment about advice I gave you last month (which has nothing to do with coffee)? Really- just put a new comment on my wall.  I prefer it.  So because I have nothing nice to say when I see these rogue comments, I either delete them or I don't respond.  Yes, I am childish like that. So there.  What do you plan on doing about it? ;)
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