Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have been in a foul mood. So much so that even lame things are irritating me. I think it's due to general lack of sleep.  Seriously.  So today, I will say this- I hate when I post something on my Facebook wall and then someone comments on something that has nothing to do with my post! For the love of all that is holy, why don't you just post a brand new comment on my wall rather than under what I just posted??? For example, If I post something about coffee, whyyyy would you post a comment about advice I gave you last month (which has nothing to do with coffee)? Really- just put a new comment on my wall.  I prefer it.  So because I have nothing nice to say when I see these rogue comments, I either delete them or I don't respond.  Yes, I am childish like that. So there.  What do you plan on doing about it? ;)


Midwife in Training said...

all I can say is WOW and get some sleep now! lol

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