Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lovelies, I hate bad grammar and blatant spelling mistakes.  Your, you're, their, there, they're, etc. Seeing these atrocities in written form makes me feel like my eyes are bleeding.  Let  me tell you that 'prolly' is not an acceptable form of 'probably.'  The word 'awe' is not the same as 'aww.' Awe- 'I was in awe of the rainbow in the sky,' Aww- 'Aww, that baby is so cute!' Am I getting anywhere? lol.  It's difficult for me to text in shorthand because I hate to read things like 'plz chk the ovn 2 c if itz stl on bcuz i thnk i 4got 2 trn it off.' Ahhh! I will take a page from my friend's Facebook post when I say please do not bother trying to shorten the word 'come.' Really though?  The three letter version of this word is icky when everyone sees it and knows that was not the 'c' you were talking about.  The scary thing about this is that it really seems that no one cares! I have seen these grammatical abominations on billboards, public (government and private sector) buildings, newspapers and really anything that can be read.  It really is mind boggling.
True story- one day (years ago), I called a guy because his sign said 'puppys for sale.' I asked him if he knew that 'puppies' had been spelled incorrectly.  He said that he did but that he did not have enough space for the 'ies.' Umm, how about you write smaller so that you don't make yourself look as uneducated as you sound? No, I did not actually tell him to write smaller, but I wanted to.....  Just like I want to call the attorneys who are advertising their practice on one of the big billboards on the freeway.  Just like I want to message the small-business woman who keeps putting 'September mama's.'  The only way that the apostrophe should be there is if this was a sentence that says 'September mama's doll.'  Alas, there is no spell check and grammar check is useless.  Insert eyeball roll.  Learn to live with it, or be an advocate for correct spelling and grammar?


Anonymous said...

Hehehe. I've learned to live with it from adults. I figure they won't change. My kids though? Unacceptable!

Abby C. said...

LOL! I honestly feel like taking a red marker to the mistakes I see on a daily basis when I drive to work! In my house, I am a grammar/spelling tyrant! ;)

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