Sunday, November 27, 2011


Really though? I do believe that my computer crashed around this time last year right, lovelies? Well, it has happened yet again.  Only this time, I don't think it officially crashed.  I think I just got a bad virus.  Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.  This is some ridiculousness! Of course, my warranty expired ummm, last month. Yeah. So now, I've got to fine someone to get rid of the virus.  I used up my one 'get out of jail free' card last year.  Time to pay up.  Bah.  
The good news is that I copied all of my  pictures to a external hard drive about 10 days ago, so there.  My pictures are really what I would have cried over, had they been lost. 
Have you ever lost digital pictures, lovelies? What did you do?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome winter?

Lovelies, can I just rejoice in the fact that the weather has finally dropped below 70 degrees?  Yes.  I live in a state of perpetual summer and so I am thrilled that I can wear boots and long-sleeved shirts without looking completely out of place.  My Canadian and East Coast friends would be laughing at me right now because 70 degrees is cause for celebratory shorts and flip flops in their worlds.  To me, 70 degrees means I can turn off my air conditioner and leave my thermostat off for the next few weeks before turning on the heat.  My children act like they've never seen my feet in socks before.  I put some on the other day and S3's eyes lit up! 'Mom! You're wearing socks?' LOL.  Yes lovelies, I am thrilled.  Off to find my toque and scarf. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lonnnnng overdue....

Lovelies, this year is whizzing by.  It's November already! October was hugely busy with my brother's wedding, catering jobs for chef and life!  We managed to finally get some family pictures taken.  The last time we took family pictures, S3 was less than a year old.  Terrible, I know.  My dear friend Kim (go like her on Facebook! KimmyBee Photography) and her friend Natalie took pictures of us in the park and we could not be more thrilled with the way they turned out! Sneak peek!
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