Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm not sure if I told you.....

that my husband is a chef.  Yes lovelies, I am married to a professional chef.  A professional, skinny chef.  When we met, I could fit into his jeans.  Let's just say that no thanks to him, I can barely fit my own jeans (but this will change in the next few months, by any means necessary!)
AAAAAAnyway, we started a catering and personal chef business called Fire and Spice Caribbean Grill and Catering Company. This weekend was Fire and Spice's debut, at the Tolleson Founder's Day Festival.  We have a cool banner and everything! Hubby is on the grill as I type- jerk chicken, ribs, coconut rice, plantains and rolls are on the menu.  Yum.  The festival is three days long, so hubs is going to be super tired by the time it's over, but I know he lives to be on the grill.  He has been running on adrenaline all day! Don't tell him that I ordered pizza for the kids and I for dinner tonight. LOL.  (no, really).
Pics to come!!!


Kim said...

oh my landy loo!!!!! you are making me hungry and I am laughing that you ordered pizza!!! I am telling. you can't stop me. I need to loose some wieght too. anyway, I am proud of you guys and so excited for you too!!!!

Abby C. said...

LOL Kim!!! thank you mama! we're excited about getting the business finally off the ground! ;)

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