Wednesday, January 12, 2011

still here...

still workin it out on my husband's computer! So obnoxious! We may just have to wait until the tax return comes in to fix my computer.  It sucks. I did however find out what my husband and children do while I am not at home.  Really though? LOL


Midwife in Training said...

GIRL Im so spent right about now b/c Yahweh KNOWS how badly we needed our tax return for a bigger car (aka gonna have 3 carseats), pay off a little more debt, get tires, all that only to find out the hubby didnt file W4's right so the return got eaten up like no other! I need a financial advisor asap! lol

Abby C. said...

don't get me started! the computer is fixed, but it is just not the same. :( seriously considering just loading some games on it for the girls, then getting myself a new one.

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