Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lovelies, we are now parents to a first grader and a high schooler (and a preschooler and an almost 8 month old).  OMGoodness. S1 got promoted to 9th grade last night and S2 got promoted to grade 1.  I got all choked up when S1 walked out with his class.  He got a medal for having one of the best 'end of junior high/what are my goals' essays and got to read his essay at the ceremony.  He was one of two students who got to read.  This kid never ceases to amaze me.  He spoke so eloquently and his voice was so smooth that I barely recognized the young man standing up at the podium.  How could he have changed so quickly? I just brought him home from the hospital! I am still 21! ;)  We are so proud of him.  The principal approached us after the promotion ceremony and congratulated us for having such a 'fine young man.'  It's called 'keepyourfoottothebuttparentingwithloveandunderstanding' and this is what comes of it:

I have video as well, but I've got to upload it.  Probably this weekend.


Midwife in Training said...

Time does fly and I have to say there is no prouder moment than seeing the benefits of all your hard work, yelling, teaching, loving, and gettininthatbut antics which has created such a magnificent piece of you. He really is a "fine young man" and Im show nuf taking notes lol.

Abby C. said...


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