Saturday, August 13, 2011


S4 took her first unassisted step on Thursday.  No- she took three steps.  Three steps in a row.  Did I get a pic? Nope. Was I able to catch it on video? Yeah right! It happened so fast that I almost missed it!  I'm a bit bummed about not capturing the moment.  She just did it.  It was cool.  I freaked out.  Hubs was like 'you know she is looking at you crazy because you just freaked out right?' Whatever dude.  You're a guy.  Go do something guy-ish. Like babyproof the house! :P


Jennifer de Cupcake said...

4 kids and the house isn't baby proof?! I did miss Cupcake's steps because I was at work. missed her stand up the first time too, cause I was at work.

I work too much for a stay at home mom... (6 hours a week and I missed 2 firsts!!)

Abby C. said...

LOL- I meant like go pick up a toy or something! For the most part, we are babyproof. ;)
I work full time out of the house, so I was thrilled to be able to catch S4!

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