Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wedding, marriage, little brothers.

Have I ever told you that I have two brothers?  I am the most blessed sister to be smack in the middle of my two brothers.  It's good to be a middle child with such awesome beings on either side.  Well, the youngest of our sib-set is getting married.  I'm trying not to freak out.  I'm not even sure if he can believe it! Of course, I have my big sister hat on, trying to get to know my future sister in law, which is cool. Plus I gave them both the 'plan your life, not just your wedding' speech while they had me on speaker phone a few weeks ago.  I am happy, worried, excited, all the feelings that go along with this type of occasion.  I'll probably bawl at the ceremony- just because my baby brother is officially grown.  He has been a grown man for awhile now, but jeez! lol
They are not planning on having babies right away, but you best believe that I will be educating/advocating for a midwife or doula and breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering and all the other facets of natural parenting that society has been so slow to get back to.  My future sister in law seems to be open to try cloth diapering- she even sent me a cloth diaper after S4 arrived.
Lovelies, what advice would you give to a newly engaged/wedded couple? Is there any advice that you got and loved? Hated? Laughed at? Wished you had gotten?


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