Friday, February 11, 2011

Did you know....

That all this week has been National Marriage Week?  I found out on Tuesday.  I think that recognizing marriage is a wonderful thing, especially in light of all the negative attention it gets due to divorce rates and reality TV.  I believe in marriage.  I believe in doing the best of your ability to making a marriage work.  My parents have been married since 1974 and though they have had rough patches, they have stayed together.  My parents credit their faith for sustaining them through the years.  They are a wonderful couple to be around and I don't just say that because they are my parents!   Their conversations with one another make me laugh and give me hope for the future.
Hubby and I have been married since 2003.  We've been through many ups and downs but this man still gives me shivers. :) (I will share with you that this is my second time around and that I was married briefly while I was in University).  I will admit that there are days where I think about what life would have been like if I hadn't gotten married, but those thoughts are fleeting because I realize how blessed I am to be in the kind of relationship where someone really understands what I am trying to say without me uttering a word.  It's pretty special.  Anyway, I figured I would spread the word about Marriage Week, since it ends on Valentine's Day. I'd post a picture but the good ones are on my SD card and my computer is (hallelujah) at the Dell place getting looked at. 
Happy National Marriage Week.  Go kiss your spouse! <3


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