Thursday, February 18, 2010

And we have a heartbeat!

I  interviewed my final midwife today and after a lovely conversation and jokes about belly fat, she offered to see if we could hear the baby's heartbeat.  It took some doppler moves and a some time, but we heard it! I started to giggle and we lost it, but the baby is there and sounds strong! I told my mom that we are planing on doing a homebirth and her first reaction (in a Jamaican accent) was 'really? wow!'  She asked why and I reminded her about how quick my labor and delivery was with S3.  Then she went on about how I don't have risky pregnancies anyway and that she could understand wanting to be in a familiar environment and be able to sleep in my own bed.   I was pleasantly surprised at her positivity and support.  She then asked where the rest of the kidlets would be when I go into labor and I told her that they would be in the house and it would be up to them if they wanted to see the birth.  I don't think my teenage son would want to be in on this, but I could be mistaken.  We'll see! So yay Mom! I believe I have made my midwife decision and will be calling to set up care next week. :)


Krissy @ B.Inspired Vintage said...

Congratulations! Those first little beats are so precious.

AND good for you for planning a home birth! I wish I could have done that, but my history was a bit more complicated, so I'm still proud of my midwife-assisted VBAC.

Good luck!

Oh, and thanks for visiting me at Etsy Interviews!

Abby C. said...

thank you Krissy! I am excited.
How awesome that you were able to have a midwife assisted VBAC! I am always so happy when I hear about mamas opting for VBACs because I have yet to hear of mamas regretting their decisions. :)

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