Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free stuff Wednesday!!!

I dub today 'Free stuff Wednesday' because I scored free stuff today!!!! First, I went to Starbucks to see about getting some of their coffee grinds for an inservice that I am presenting on Friday.  As I am walking up to the counter, one of the Baristas turns the corner with a tray of uber pretty cupcakes.  Would I like one? Of course!!!  (the cupcake had a chunk of chocolate on top, but let's just say that the chunk didn't make it home).  So I walked out of Starbucks with a free bag of grinds and a free cupcake!! woot!
Then, I cashed in at Pilot (a big gas station for truckers) for a free box of Revolution Tea. I think I got the coupon from a link on It's Hip to Save.  Have you ever tried this tea? It's yummy. 

Yay for freebies! 

Did you score anything fun today at the store or in your mailbox?


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