Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pants on the ground guy, Bill Cosby and me.

What do these folks have in common?  None of us want to see anyone's butt where pants should be!  Don't get me wrong- I have love baggy jeans, however when I can see your boxers, gym shorts or even (shudder) your thong,  I try not to lose my cool.  But it's not just baggy jeans!  Teens are sagging their pants in skinny jeans as well!  Thank goodness I have enough self control not to yell 'no one wants to see your butt' or 'how are you able to walk properly with your pants halfway down your thighs?' or or something worse.  Today I drove past a couple of teens whose sense of fashion grated my eyeballs with this ridiculousness.  Both of them had on jeans at their thighs, with belts on.  As they walked of course they had to hold their pants up with one hand, which completely defeats the purpose of the belt! Honestly!! There must be some sort of secret to be able to walk/function like this.  Do I feel this way about this topic because I am getting older? I don't think so because I have never wanted to see 'butt cleavage' (covered or uncovered) at any point in my life.  What kind of message do you think this 'jeans at the thigh' look is sending? Do you think it's just a fad? 


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