Friday, March 19, 2010

Lyrically challenged....

So. I bought "The Princess and the Frog' for the girls.  They love the songs and have pretty  much memorized them even though they've watched the movie twice since I got it on DVD.  Simone has made up her own version of one of the songs............ instead of 'going down the bayou,' she has been singing 'going down the potty.'  Yeah. Funny. Plus, she refuses to be corrected and sings her potty version even louder! What am I going to do with this one? I have to get her on film.  She is a performer for sure! Going down the potty!


Midwife in Training said...

Well ours would have a ball for sure because my 3yo has watched the movie at least 20 or more so far. She sings ALL the songs at the top of her lungs (of course I join in lol). She says, "goin down the bah hoe " lol

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