Friday, March 26, 2010

My dad....

Is actually pretty cool and has finally mellowed out a bit in his old age.  I shared this on my FB page, but I'm going to share it here too because it was funny.

So my parents called my house just as my midwife was leaving.  The convo that I had with my dad went like this;
I'll bold myself so you can know who said what. 'Hey Dad'  'Hey, how's it going?' 'Fine, my midwife just left my house.'  'Midwife eh? You must be going green!' Both of us bust up laughing.  'That was cute Dad!'

We ended up having a good visit with my midwife, her assistant and  kids and hubby.  Hubby made some off the wall statements about how he thought they had it right when men were in the waiting room during delivery.  Uhhh, hello, you were in the room when our kids were born!  He did make it clear that he wasn't catching anyone and that he was not going to cut the umbilical cord.  Fine. Dork. Then my midwife calmed him down when she said that there was something to be said about women helping women and that if hubby just wanted to hang out, that was fine.  Yay midwife! The girls loved listening to heartbeats and using the doppler.  S2 learned that the static blips were the baby kicking (which is the reason we could not get a heartbeat- baby was kicking too much, which is a good sign).  ;)


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