Saturday, September 18, 2010

I hate waiting!

Omgoodness lovelies,  I hate waiting.  Contractions started on the 17th and felt pretty regular, were sporadic on the 18th (didn't go to work either day) and other than some cramping and a chunk of plug coming out, here I sit today waiting for S4 to arrive.  If things are like this on Monday, I'll see if my midwife will give me the ok to go to the office.  She checked me on the 17th and said I was about 3cm dilated, which is cool.  The birthing tub is arriving today so maybe S4 is waiting to make her arrival in it? My dad's birthday is Monday and he has already said that he would love if the baby made her appearance on his day.  We'll see. 
Fortunately, I have gotten some decent sleep- it's the turning over that is killing me!!! I seriously have to gain momentum to switch sides! My hips and shoulders ache.  I am huge. I am trying to win a baby bathtub. I am rambling.
What if anything lovelies, have you done in order to get labor moving?


Midwife in Training said...

Well I have to say, I feel ya. Sad to report that your story sounds MUCH like my G2's coming. Water broke round 8am Friday morning while picking landscaping materials with moms (I was already 3cm dilated previously). We rushed to the West side in preparation b/c I normally have fast labors. Sunday comes and still nothing: no painful contractions (although they were happening), but steady cervical change. I then was forced to walk 3 laps round the mall quickly. Baby was born at 1am Monday morning after a warm shower, and a little nipple stimulation in the shower from hubby LMAO!! So tell yours to get to rubbin ;)

Abby C. said...

LOL! i'm going to go weed the backyard, then put the girls' clothes away, then make a yummy looking energy drink that my lovely friend sent to me this morning.
if nothing by then, i *guess* i'll get to adventuring with the hubby. ;)

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