Saturday, September 25, 2010

no baby yet Lovelies!

However, I have had crazy contractions and pain in my hips and shoulders.  Oh my goodness! Can I get some consistency? I've tried everything lovelies. Spicy food, pressure points, walking, and even holiday undies. Even though S4 technically isn't 'due' until the 28th, I am tired of being tired and in pain!  I feel like I am the size of a small planet.
On a great note- my birth tub is here, my co-op produce was wonderful this week, most of the dishes were done this morning by my 13 year old son and the weather is *slightly* cooling off. I made LaborAid (see post below) yesterday and it is wonderful! It also tastes great with crushed raspberries. Oh- and my midwife totally rocks.
So, to the pain and intermittent contractions, I give you the 'really though' face.  Those who are on my facebook are familiar with it....I originally took it with my cell phone for my brother who had just informed me that he had eaten lunch at a Jamaican spot close to his work.  Umm, why would you tell a pregnant woman you had just eaten something that she has been craving for the past 3 months? Really though?


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