Sunday, May 2, 2010

So much to catch up on!

Hello Lovelies,
We have much to catch up on! It has been a very rough week at work.  I was pretty stressed out.  However, through some prayer and meditation, I am happy to say that I am waaaaaay less stressed today than I was.   This weekend was  busy as we had to run to Home Depot and Target.  Home Depot is never a short trip as it really is a 'Toys R Us' for my darling husband.  Luckily, he stuck to the mission and we were in and out in under 45 minutes! LOL.  Then to Target for some shelving then to Taco Bell for an oh-so-healthy lunch. eek! 
I love to put things together- bookshelves, dressers, etc.  My husband is cool with this and leaves me alone to do as I please with my love of construction.  So, this week I put together a 9 cube cubby shelf and two 5-tier wire shelves.  We needed the wire shelving for the garage because right now, all I can say about our garage is YIKES!  lol.  Thanks to my parents, we will soon be a two car family so we need the 'YIKES' space for the new-to-us ride, hence needing decent storage to put boxes on.  I am so grateful to my parents for giving us their old car (that really is still very fashionable) and for getting is fixed up before we take it over.  Thanks Mom and Dad!   
Subconsciously it must be 'let's get organized' week at my house because I got home on Thursday and found hubby rearranging the pantry.  (woohoo!) In his reorganization, he happened on some hibiscus leaves.  In Jamaica (and I am thinking much of the Caribbean), hibiscus leaves are brewed into a lovely drink called 'sorrel.'  Sorrel can be made in different ways, but I brewed my two bags of leaves in the sun with pieces of fresh ginger.  It it is a lovely deep red/wine color and when mixed with some lime and sweetener then chilled, it makes a wonderful and refreshing drink.  (It's also fab with rum, but rum and any other alcohol are out of the question for me for at least another year and hubby doesn't drink).  ;)
Leaves with water and ginger:
Oh! I almost forgot! If baby cooperates tomorrow, we will find out the sex! Both S2 and S3 think girl.  Hubby and S1 think boy.  Either way, I am happy.  We all are praying for a healthy baby! :)


Midwife in Training said...

i think girl! let me know

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