Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time flies...... according to height.

Man, time goes by fast.  As a parent, I have found that I can almost measure time by S1's height, but he is growing pretty fast right now which makes time speed up.  LOL.  He is tall by hubby and my standards, but most of his friends are just as tall or taller.  Can you believe it? S1 is going to be a tall kid.  He's still my baby though! ;)
2002, in the kitchen with Chef, making crab n'dough.
In the kitchen with S1, washing dishes. 


Darcel said...

Whoa! he is tall. I think my first daughter is going to be taller than me by the time she's 15. Time goes way too fast.

Midwife in Training said...

He is tall, handsome, sweet, gentlemanly, and has a beautiful spirit. You are doing an amazing job with him

Abby C. said...

:) Darcel, he is taller than both hubby and me already! lol

Thank you Tia. He has been a blessing and a very easy kid to raise.

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