Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Si, me gusta mi zapatos! (ok, if fyou speak spanish, plmk if this sentence is correct! LOL)
I bought these Frye's lovelies on ebay a few weeks ago.  They are super comfy. However, the bigger I get, the less I can wear them because of the height. *sigh*  Don't worry dear supercuteshoes, you will be seen again soon.  Until then, I will be investing in some way lower wedges and flats. :/


Elizabeth Koproski said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to snooping more around here :) Love the shoes by the way.

Midwife in Training said...

yeh dem iz cute! LOL

Abby C. said...

LOL Tia! And they were on sale! Please. LOL.

Elizabeth, feel free to snoop away! :)

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