Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's EARTH DAY! (and my icky little secret)

What did you do to reduce your carbon footprint today? We recycled, upcycled and put a TON of stuff aside for donations.  Whew! OK, we have been working little by little on getting rid of stuff and getting reorganized, but then we saw a bug. Then we saw a few more.  We tried to get rid of them with a spray mixture of water, dish soap and peppermint oil but they just kept coming! I HATE BUGS. We caved and called the bug man who also happens to be our former neighbor. Because of having to get stuff out of the bug man's way, we had amp up our upcycling and donation efforts.  I have a lot of stuff in organized piles, ready for proper containers or 'get this out of the house' pile.  This weekend will be dedicated to our produce co-op, purging out the stuff we don't use and organizing the stuff we do use.  It has been a long time coming. *sigh* Happy Earth Day! (Oh, I almost forgot, I bought some cool cloth diapers for the noob today! I had to. They were on sale and they are super cute!)


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