Monday, October 4, 2010

The quick and dirty version.......

Alright! I have a second!
Tuesday morning, my mw stripped my membranes and contractions started a couple hours later. They were pretty persistent and consistent by the afternoon, so I called my midwife back and got into the birthing tub. What a wonderful way to be! Chillin' in the tub.... MW at my house by about 6:45ish. Labored... labored... for what I felt like was forever. DH put some reggae music on and lit some really lovely candles. Felt like I was going to poop and was assured that it was probably the baby's head. Uh nope. poop. (sorry for the tmi). Right after the poop however I felt a pop. Seriously, I felt like I popped! My water broke and I could feel the baby coming. So I guess I pushed, and her head got stuck halfway out. All I knew then was that my MW had jumped in the tub with me and that dh was helping me up to stand. I pushed standing and with the MW's help, out came S4. Woo! No tearing thank heavens. Baby girl's torso was bigger than her head! LOL. All is well. She has no issues with nursing. 8lbs, 9oz, 20.5 inches long.


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