Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3rd one's a charm? Hevea Pacifier Review

To use a paci or not to use a paci?? I started out determined not to give S4 a pacifier, as her big sisters didn't take them; they were always spat out and somehow managed to find themselves falling on the ground then rolling into the dustiest place they (the pacifiers) could find.  Anyway- S2 had her two fingers and S3 didn't seem like had the need to suck anything after she nursed.  S1 on the other hand was an addict until the age of two! I still have his first paci in a box. :)   So, after nursing S4 at night until there seemed to be nothing left, my mom suggested (for the billionth time) to get her a pacifier.  I've tried 2 brands already. They've been rejected with fury. So when the opportunity came to review a pacifier made by GroVia, I jumped on it. GroVia makes my favorite hybrid cloth diapers. I could go on about the company and their amazing dipes all day long! The GroVia pacifier is called the Hevea Pacifier:
The paci is Danish designed, is made with 100% natural rubber (free from all the bad stuff- BPA, PVC and phthalates) and is sustainably produced. What more could you want from something that will be going into your baby's mouth?  The pacifier that we got for review was the one designed for 0-3 months, orthodontic shaped with a crown design.
 I sooooo wanted S4 to love this pacifier because it is so cool and is one continuous piece, and all natural and is so well made! Alas, another paci bites the dust in S4's world.   While I realize that all babies are different, S4 may just come around and start to love this paci in the next few weeks- I hope so, because I need some sleep! ;) Check Hevea out on their website or on their Facebook page.


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