Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mmmmmmm, salad!

Lovelies, I'm not sure if I told you that I am the volunteer site coordinator for my location of the Bountiful Baskets produce co-op.  It is a wonderful thing not only to volunteer but to eat fresh food! (Check out the website, as they are in many States and are expanding at lightning speed!)  So in an effort to diversify my salads, this is a take on a recipe I found online, using ingredients from my co-op:
Pomegranate, grated persimmon and marinated, uncooked collard greens.  Omgoodness lovelies, sooooo yummmmmy!  You may be thinking- wait, raw collards? Yes. I marinated them in a oilve oil based salad dressing overnight, which breaks the hardness of the leaves down to a fabulous consistency.  To me, better than cooking the crap out of them with a side of pork (don't get me wrong, I love greens. However, I like them green and not grey!)
Aren't the colors just gorgeous?


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