Sunday, March 6, 2011

I normally wouldn't even ask....

Lovelies, I need to win a contest.  lol.  Yes. I need to win a contest sponsored by Wean Green.  Wean Green is an eco-friendly company that makes glass containers for baby food, snacks, or whatever you want to put in them using glass as an alternative to plastic.
Sooooo, I entered this picture of S4, as part of their 'Most Dramatic Baby and Child Awards' contest.  The grand prize is a bag full of swag from the swag at the pre-Oscar show! Sounds great right?
What do you think? Here's where you come in- head over to Wean Green's Facebook page, 'like' them, then scroll down (or go to 'older posts' at the bottom of their page), find this pic of S4 and 'like' it! Easy Peasy.  Get out there and excercise your right to 'like'!!! (S4 and I thank you!)


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