Tuesday, March 22, 2011

made by moi!

Lovelies, I make things because I am thrifty.  So today, I made my own lactation tea! I picked up the ingredients at my grocery store, shook them all together, brewed a tablespoon in one cup of water for 20 minutes and am waiting the results. 
Ingredients: 1 pack of fennel
                  1 pack of anise seeds
                  1 pack of chamomile
                  1 pack of star anise (I only used one per cup, for decoration)
If it helps boost my milk supply, YAY me! If not, then I guess I will go back to ye-old faithful, homemade oatmeal/cranberry chocolate chip cookies. ;)

update 3/27- lovelies, this combo works wonderfully! I am so happy with it that I think that I will go get these herbs in bulk so that I can have a nice supply on hand. 


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