Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Milky goodness.

Lovelies, I have milk baby.  Yes I do.  He is adorable.  I have only seen a picture of him, and maybe I will meet him in person one day, maybe not- but either way, I am satisfied.  My milk helped save his life. You see, I was called to donate some of my milk to this precious being because of some issues that his mama was having with breastfeeding.  I was thrilled to help.  As of today, my milk baby is doing fine and his mama is doing better and better every day.  I can't tell you how proud I am of her to sticking with breastfeeding.

Have you heard of  Eats on Feets Community Breast Milk Sharing? well that was all started by my poop-stirring midwife!!! To me, Shell is nothing short of amazing and I cherish every time we get to hang out. Google her and check out all of the wonderful, informative and controversial stuff she has started with her 'audacity' to match milk donors with milk recipients without any money being exchanged anywhere! ;)    ANYWAY, milksharing and wet-nursing has been around since the beginning of time but because of the fear of human contact that society has put on us, both entities have all but disappeared.  Milk banks are charging up to $5 per ounce of breast milk.  Can you imagine? This makes banked-milk more expensive than formula! I couldn't charge for something that I know can help sustain a life. There are so, so many benefits to breastmilk.  I am thrilled that there are so many mamas who are not buckling to the formula companies. (I have had the honor or helping two such mamas).  I should say that I did supplement with S1 and S2 and they turned out just fine. However, S3 got no formula at all, and S4 has had no formula either.  When you know better, you do better, IMO.  If for any reason I need milk for S4, I will be checking Eats on Feets before even thinking about heading to the grocery store.
I will always advocate for breastfeeding! What say you, lovelies? Would you donate your milk? Would you accept another woman's milk for your baby?


Julie and Joel Montgomery said...

YES YES YES!!! Love it Abi!!!

Abby C. said...

:) you rock Julie! i am happy to know you!

Theresa said...

What an awesome wonderful thing! I never heard of this, but as a mom who breastfed her kids and completely believes in it, I think this is AWESOME!!

Stopping by from UBP & following you!!

Kim said...

i would donate if Serenity didn't take all of it! I can't seem to get up a good supply. I don't know if I would use it, i think I would have to be there to know what I would do, but it is nice to know this is here and I totally advocate it!!!

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