Saturday, December 12, 2009

Best video, hands free. Er, hands down. ;)

I am a babywearing mama.  I wore my son (S1, now almost 13) in a Snugli and then really got into babywearing right after S2 was born in 2005.  As I was searching for a good carrier, I stumbled upon The Babywearer.  At first I thought that the mamas who frequented the boards were a little obsessed, then I started to understand the seriousness of keeping your baby close.  Now with over 2000 posts by moi, I have learned some wonderful things (from breastfeeding to parenting to shopping and natual living), made some amazing friends and have been able to share the babywearing love.  The website seriously changed my life.  No joke.

My gateway sling was a Lucky Baby Pouch and it was all love after that! I have (and have passed on) several ring slings, mei tais, onbuhimos, podegis, soft structured carriers, pieces of cloth and wraps.  All the carriers have their own personalities and learning curves.  I was able to master everything but the long wrap- now that S3 is almost three, she no longer has the patience to wait for me to get all my cloth situated. Now we mainly use our soft structured carriers. I do have a pink and green wrap (my sorority colors) that I will split to make carriers for the girls when they have babies (after they pledge and graduate from college and buy a house!) ;)

Anyway, I didn't actually mean to write all of this- babywearing is something that is dear to me.  This is a video that has been on several of my FB friends' pages and I finally got around to watching it s now I am sharing it with you!


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