Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Time-out' Tuesday

Alright, let's give the daily themes a try.  Time out Tuesday:

There are so many things these days that can cause stress in families and individuals.  I try to stay as stress free as possible by staying somewhat busy, but sometimes it doesn't always work and I need an out. I will tell you that  I love yoga.  It is offered at my place of employment on a weekly basis and trust me, we look forward to that time.  I enjoy the uninterrupted hour of breathing and stretching without the phone ringing or a toddler tapping my butt while I am in 'child's pose,' to get her some juice, while her dad is right in the kitchen!  Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend in the past couple of months due to scheduling conflicts at work. I am looking forward to getting back into the yoga groove when things slow down a bit. 

So, what do YOU do to de-stress? Comment away!


Anonymous said...

Well I don't think that I destress enough after reading your blog...we actually had a Momma & Daddy night last weekend and it was nice having adult conversation. We somehow managed not to talk about the kids. I think I'm going to suggest to my job about offering a class we have plenty of room...why not right?

By the way I hope I'm entered in for the give away!:)

Abby C. said...

make sure you comment on the giveaway page to be entered! :) if you commented there, you're entered for sure! (thanks for commenting here though! i love it!)

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