Saturday, December 26, 2009

Coffee winners...

have been contacted! Congratulations! Remember you can also win more amazing gourmet coffee at Longbottoms's home page by subscribing and referring friends!  Seriously, you won't go back to anything else after you've tasted this! 

Thank you so much to Longbottom Coffee and Tea (Gene Anderson, you are a rock star at our house!) for sponsoring this fantabulous giveaway!! 

12/29-everyone who was notified has responded, thank you!  your coffee will be in the mail this week!


littlepurpleroom said...

YAY !! I sent you my addy. I can't wait to try this coffee.

Thank you for having this giveaway.

Abby C. said...

you are most welcome! :)

myfoxypup said...

Sent you my address - excited to try some new coffee. YUM

Nancy said...

Thank you so much!


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