Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gettin' cloggy with it.

I have recently found the clog love, thanks to Sanita.  I have always heard great things about clogs, but once again, the lovely ladies on the forums at TheBabywearer pushed me over the edge.  So, after checking out online stores including The Clog Outlet, Original Clogs and EuroWalking, I decided that I had to have a pair.   I actually bought Sanita wood soled clogs for my daughters before I actually bought mine. Can I just say that these clogs are so cute on toddler and preschooler feet!

So, of course after checking out the attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship of Sanita kid clogs,  I ended up with these lovelies- black leather, open backed, wood soled, total foot supported goodness. I have to be real when I tell you that the website pictures really don't do these shoes justice and I was a tad worried that I would not love these as much as my friends did.  However, these clogs look sooooo cute with jeans or cargos.  I think I'll wait until I get a pair of closed back ones to wear with skirts or capris, so there is not so much attention on my chubtastic ankles! They are so comfy and I love that I can wear them all day! (I am a social worker and spend much of my time in the field).   I should tell you that I am uber clumsy and have yet to trip even one time in these shoes because of the wear resistant rubber sole on the bottom! HA!

So after falling in love with the wood sole comfort of these shoes, I was bummed to see that there is a very limited variety of wood soled Sanita clogs in the US (I'm sorry- I just can't bring myself to wear animal print shoes yet- on any level).  Most of the Sanita clogs sold in the US are have the PU, shock absorbing sole which I hear is pretty comfy as well. However, I have been informed that more wood soled styles are coming from Sanita in February! I can't wait!
Here are my uber cool clogs.  I think that I will post random pictures of where I go in my Sanitas.  First one- airport:

I put this pic up in a photo contest from Clog Outlet to win...... yes good people, another pair of clogs! I figure you can't have too many! ;)


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