Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My PSA for today:

Where do I begin? It's AZ.  It's cold.  Oh, ok, it's chilly.  Oh alright, it's brisk in the morning.  On any given day this time of year, you will see people wearing both a wool coat and flip flops.  Please good people, stop with the socks and sandals/open toe/peep toe shoe. It's not cute. Open toe shoes are for just that- open toes.  Your toes aren't open if they are still covered by pantyhose, socks or tights.  Catch my drift?  The only exception I will make is from back in the '90s at Western, when we wore wool socks with Teva sandals.  It was all the rage.  lol.  If you are a professional and must wear tights/pantyhose, all I ask is that you wear closed toe shoes.  Gentlemen, this goes for you too.  I have had to call my own father out for attempting to be seen in public in black dress socks with his sandals.  Black dress socks!!!! So please put some lotion on your toesies and scrap the socks/tights/pantyhose if you are going to be wearing open toe shoes. Stop the madness.

Thank you.  ;)


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