Sunday, January 17, 2010

He has his moments.....

Yesterday after a long day of co-op, rock climbing, shopping, and visiting with a friend, hubby and I were winding down for the day when out of nowhere he goes- you should start a blog called 'crap my husband says.' We both laughed.  You have to understand that hubby is from the islands and although we almost always come to an agreement on things, we take verrrrrrry different thought processes to get there.  I have come to accept this, so rather than get irritated at how he comes to his conclusions, I now try to understand how he comes to them.  Yes, trying to understand his brain is on my 'work on this year' list. 

So, if you could start a blog called 'Crap My Husband Says,' what would your first statement be?  I'll think of a few and post them!


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