Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The weather in AZ.....

Is miserable and I love it!  Rain and clouds are always a welcome change in weather for this Canadian!  I love overcast days.  The kidlets are reading to one another.  Life is good and I thank God.

I am blogging from my kitchen, where spaghetti squash is on the stove and where chicken will soon be marinated and thrown on the grill.  I have got to get to the Caribbean store asap because there is only about a teaspoon worth of Jerk marinade and all the one teaspoon of Jerk marinade is going to do is irritate me! LOL.


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I love spaghetti squash...love jerk chicken even more! can I come over for dinner?

Abby C. said...

You can absolutely come for dinner!! :) I put alfredo sauce on the spaghetti squash and it was sooo yummy!
i may just use the one teaspoon of jerk I have to do up 2 chicken legs. lol.

♥ Joanna said...

how do you prepare spaghetti squash? it looks sooo neat, but...then what? lol
jerk chicken is soooo delicious. i haven't had any for a really long time!

Abby C. said...

LOL Joanna!

cut the shash in half and scrape out the innards.
you can roast it in the oven- rub a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and garlic salt or season salt or curry and roast it with the skin on, until the inside is soft. scrape out the 'meat' and toss with a fork.
or, you can boil it (like in the pic) and then when it's soft on the inside,remove from the water, scrape out the 'meat' part (it will look like spaghetti), then slather in alfredo sauce or any pasta sauce! serve. yum.

♥ Joanna said...

thank you! much easier than i had anticpated! :D

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